How to take advantage of online casino bonuses

Bonus-hunting – from ancient times to the present day

A long time ago, when bonuses were big, and online casinos and requirements for the winnings – small, the world did not know such a concept as a bonus-hunter (from the English bonus hunter – hunter for bonuses). That is, the word did not exist then, although the ancestors of bonus hunters surely did. The most optimized club for bonus hunting in Australia I can recommend this live dealer baccarat online casino australia online where you can get started quickly by registering. When you can, why not take advantage of the generosity of a casino that could offer dozens of dollars in no deposit or a few hundred dollars in virtually no wager requirements, and you could wager on any game! However, five years ago mass bonus-hunting was out of the question, which was primarily due to the novelty of the Internet itself, and even more so of online gambling.

Honesty of gambling

I think that anyone who plays online (in foreign casinos), can answer the question, what country gave rise to a mass movement of bonus-hunters? Of course, Denmark! And it was this: a Dane (or a group of Danes) realized that honestly playing in the casino, you can’t win a lot of money, rather you lose yours! On the other hand, you make a deposit of $100, for which the casino gives you $100 more, asking for a mere handful of bets. See miami club casino detailed review – Fifteen minutes with your favorite game, and the casino’s demand is met, and the $100 you have received as a gift is practically no less! Wonderful, remove the money (their $100 quickly returned to the credit card, and a “gift” from the casino slowly goes to the check) and go to the next casino! Thus, an evening you can visit a couple of casinos, earning about $ 200 almost without risking anything!

Methods of bonus-based-gambling

But it was not enough just to discover this method, it was necessary to bring it to the public. People, as we know, are not too inclined to share “fishy places”, especially “for nothing”. However, someone decided to tell his countrymen about the easy way to make easy money at the expense of Americans (and until now, most of the playing in the Internet casinos live in the U.S., and owns a lot of Americans). On central television in Denmark there was a program about the new way of getting rich. After this began an epidemic of bonus-hunting. Danes with access to the Internet flooded the online casinos, squeezing easy money out of them. Clubs of players began to appear in the country, sites with information about “tasty” bonuses and new casinos. I don’t know how many dollars ended up in the pockets of enterprising Danes, but I talked to one of them and he told me that he visited about 200 casinos during the gold rush! Multiply that number by at least $100 and you get a number comparable to the annual salary of an average European.

Types of table gambling

But this situation could not last long, the casinos suffered significant losses, the more so that the “contagion” began to spread beyond the borders of the Danish kingdom. What measures have taken casinos? A variety. Some of them closed the doors before the players from Denmark, others stopped giving bonuses to Danes, some began to increase the requirement of the vager (the betting amount, necessary for the player to get the right to withdraw the bonus), the fourth introduced the so-called “sticky” bonuses (the player can not withdraw the bonus amount, he can only play on it), the fifth began to prohibit risk-free bets (risk-free bet, for example, on black and red simultaneously, When a player with almost any result of the game does not lose or loses little), or games with risk-free bets (these include roulette, sic bo, baccarat, craps) to “wagering” bonus, the sixth prohibited games with low casino advantage (primarily blackjack and video poker, and some left only slots), and the seventh and so on have adopted several methods!

Bonus hunting in online casinos

As a result, by now there are almost no casinos that would be a tidbit for the bonus-hunters. The only exception is Casino on Net which hasn’t changed its terms since those blessed days, and where you can get a $200 bonus with a VP requirement of just $400 (folks, don’t go flocking in there and ruining a good spot)! Nowadays it’s considered a blessing to find a casino that offers a non-sticky bonus with a wager of at least 10-20 the size of the bonus, where you can wag the bonus in blackjack or video poker, but there are fewer and fewer such casinos.

So, what have we come up with so far? Is it possible to earn a bonus-hunter now? Yes! Let’s take a fairly typical $100 bonus with a $3,000 wager requirement. If you play blackjack or video poker (casino has about a 0.5% advantage), you would have $100-$3000*0.5%=$85.

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